Cable / Fiber Optic / Splicing

General Laborer – Fiber/Cable

Full Time

Job Description 

The Fiber Optic/Cable Laborer is a member of a construction team that is responsible for trenching, plowing, and placing buried communication cable, fiber optic cable, conduits and other associated facilities.

Essential Functions:

  • Opens trenches, backfills and compacts trenches using hand tools and power equipment.
  • Placing strand and fiber, or copper cable in aerial applications.
  • Pulls cable and wire through trenches and structural areas of buildings.
  • Removes and replaces sod on easements.

Job Requirements:

  • Self-motivated with ability to following oral and written instructions
  • Demonstrated ability to interact effectively and cooperatively with coworkers
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Utility construction experience a plus